Friday, February 27, 2009


Don't you just love chocolate?

Today, was one of the most boring day ever at school.
probably because i don't have a story book to read.
I finished reading the book "good night,beautiful".
it was kind of a sad story.
Anyway, i have to go!
Accounts tuition in a few minutes. ciao.

Accounts tuition was so boring and i keep falling alseeep!
this bitch in my accounts class i think she was talking bad about me with her friend.
I don't know what they say but what she told her friend made them both burst into
laughters. WTF!? who cares.
Later on had tuition at pelangi, it was better then accounts , accounts always makes me sleep.
tomorrow is yvonne's birthday party, can't wait! :P
Rachel's taking me to the party.
will tell you how it goes tomorrow.

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