Thursday, February 16, 2012

PRS New Building

♬ Hallo hallo hallo i'm back with more stories to tell ;)

Last saturday i was at the school opening since Vicky wanted to see what the new school building of Phillip-Reis-Schule looked like and during the first week at the new school i haven't been around much so i didn't realize it was so cool, big and so pretty compared to the old school which was just really really .. not pretty!

This is just one part of the school, see the graffiti?


The Main hall, looks like an office right? (Sorry for the blur quality)

LOCKERS! ( but i don't have one cause i don't need one :P)
I think this is the PM-Action room, where you can chill, damn cool right? (@Cherminnrawks)
This is like an empty plot in the middle of the school building.
The main entrance to the school ;D

The Sports hall 1 (see on the left there's this wall climbing thingy there)
Sports hall number 2!

The School has a really modern concept. It doesn't look like a school as a matter of fact. It looks more like a University. Inside it's all really Grey and neutral colored which i find it really nice but not for a high school, maybe for a university. The toilet has a really striking color though. Girls > Green (YES of all colors they picked green well if they wanted to make it stand out, it does). Guys > Orange. Unfortunately i didn't take any pictures of the toilet, there's also the theatre hall which is huge but i didn't take any picture and also the class room :S Maybe next time? ;)

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