Saturday, February 11, 2012


"Who are you to judge the life i live? I know i'm not perfect and i don't live to be but, before you start pointing fingers, make sure, your hands are clean first."

Lately, i've been browsing through my old post and i realized my writing hasn't really change. I'm still the same and i feel like my english has gone worst it's probably cause everything is in german here so my kepala became a little german too. Haha I'm even sometimes thinking in German language which is odd but when you're here for 7 months that is bound to happen.

Since i have the sudden mood to blog i'm going to update all of you my old news, Those who probably have me as a friend on Facebook and follow me on twitter will know what's been going on in my life and those who aren't well you'll find out now :D


Last Saturday, i had a mini Chinese New Year Celebration with all of my dearest asian, half asian friends. It was a potluck so everyone of us had to contribute something to EAT. Before the cooking started we had to pick up Edmund from Friedrichsdorf Bahnhof (Train Station) It was a freezing cold morning even the bottle of water in vicky's car was ICED. Yes it was literally a bottle of ice. [Sorry no picture ):] When we arrived home the cooking begin, Edmund helped a bit he cooked "egg+tomato sauce+tomatoes" i made the "wanton" and steamed the "siew mai" (a Dim Sum Dish) and of course RICE.

Yes, i actually cooked this ^_^

Photography by : Cher Minn (@Cherminnrawks)

Look at that, it looks and even TASTE good.

Karin brought some Japanese fried prawns with mayonnaise and OMG it was mouth-watering-delicious! (Picture above *drools*)

I'm not usually a Vege person but this one is too good to past ;D

Belle brought salad and pork (chinese cooking style) Which was really delicious too. Talking about this, is making me hungry again. *tummy grumbles*

Okay, this picture doesn't really show you how good it is but yeah. You get the picture.

When everyone was seated we just stared at the food for a moment because everything looked so good that we don't know which to start first, i just had to have everything at one go. Yes, it was that good! *Huge puppy eyes*

i actually have more to write but i have to save that for the next post cause now i have to skype with Sangie <3


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