Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year in Frankurt

Being home alone and doing nothing all the time is so damn boring. I can't wait till i "maybe start" my germany classes. So i was having the weekend home alone most of the time cause the others were away somewhere. Luckily, on saturday i had ready made plans. I met Alison and Jimmy with their cute little daughter Joelle at the BH Train Station! If you don't know who is Alison or Jimmy , They are friends of mine. I met Alison in Goethe-Institut Malaysia where i studied german and from there i met her husband and daughter. We took the train to frankfurt then transit from another station to Neu-isenberg where the restaurant that we were suppose to go as Deutschland Malaysian Club hosted a tiny CNY celebration there. Met lots of Jolly group of Malaysians, feels almost like home except all of them are people who are much older then i am but age doesn't matter right? Even Joelle made tiny little friends. I'm not going to lie but i miss home and Chinese New Year in Malaysia is still the BEST! Not having celebrating CNY has been an experience but i don't think i want to miss it again ): There is no joy in celebrating cny without your love ones and friends <3
After the lunch, we went to hauptwache and from there i met up with Karin and Belle <3 We went for a little shopping and i bought myself a Pants :D Which i have been wanting to but couldn't find the right one and finally i did! We also had our normal tradition Drinknig bubble tea when we meet everytime ;D Before we knew it we had to return home cause Karin had a curfew oh well, we took the Gonzenheim train and when it was their stop we said our good byes.


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