Sunday, January 15, 2012

Korean as a languge

I had the best day ever today and i mean it but it didn't start out all good cause i had trouble sleeping last night i kept waking up. It was really annoying. Imagine when your alarm rang and just before you finally fall into a deep sleep, frustrating much? I suppose i didn't sleep well was party because i think i was nervous for the Korean class? YES! I actually went to a Korean School held every Saturday. I had to walk all the way to the train station which takes about 20 minutes from where i live and it was still pretty dark! I had second thoughts at first cause i don't usually walk alone anywhere, yes i'm a chicken i admit :P but yeah i did it anyway. I think i'm starting to get use to it? I shall explore frankfurt more now ;-) Met Julia at the Train station, Julia went to Korea for an exchange and she can write/read korean which is so cool! There are only 3 germans and this Korean School and the rest are KOREANS, the minute i walked into the school i felt like i was in Korea or something, it was pretty cool. The teacher was really hyper and nice to me but i couldn't understand her at all cause she was speaking to me 95% of the time. The only words that i recognized are "..can't remember" . haha!
Met new friends too, 2 german girls Aleyna and Ani both Kpop freaks, and Priska a really nice korean girl who was born in germany, and also 2 other guys whom i don't know their names .. sorry :-P One of the guy reminds me of Wei heng! The other one i think he was a mix cause he was pretty good looking but he has definitely the korean eyes haha.
I almost memorized my hangul! (한굴) *Proud of my self*
i'll write more soon, this is not the end of it ^_^


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