Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 2012!

I know, im 13 days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012.
I don't know what to think that's it is already 2012 and with the movie 2012 isn't it freaky?
With the global warming and not normal weather, it's scary but nah ja, i don't think we will die till maybe 100 years later or so.
So, my english has been going from good to BAD and i need to start practicing my blogging more, i guess that would help? ;D It's probably cause i've been hearing too much german around me. Talking about german, i think im getting better at it i just need to.. practice/talk more but i have this problem of being too shy? Help? i really need to overcome this big problem of mine.

BEFORE 2012 :
Yes my family came over to Europe and spent the christmas and new year holidays with ME!
We went to beautiful Venice and cam whored a lot, what can you say when you are at the city of love<3
My awesome family in the Water bus, since there are no cars in venice but only water transportation.

The small streets with lots of bridges in Venice <3

It was the awesomest holiday ever with my family and lots of Big smiles!
I'm missing them so much right now and can't wait to see them when i return home in the Summer.

i'll write more soon? ;-)

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