Thursday, January 19, 2012

thank God

Few days back, or was it yesterday? ah, screw it! it doesn't really matter. I'll just get on with my story.

Despite the sudden drop of temperature, it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining.
Victoria (my host sister since forever <3) was oddly in a really cheery mood.

Me: Uh, are you ok? Cause you seem to be overly cheerful today (ok i didn't exactly say that but i can't exactly remember what i said).
She : Nothing, it's just a really beautiful day, let's go for a drive!
Me: How about we go for a picnic?

and so we started to prepare stuff like making coffee, cutting apples (yes vitamin) , packing bread and a bottle of apple juice.
Steffi (my lovely younger host sis) decided to tag along and so did Sammie the cute Doggie!

Everyone was ready and we were off to our adventure. We didn't exactly know where to go so we decided to drive around the place to find somewhere we can hang out.. soon the sky was turning darker and darker till the moon was up and ..
we still haven't found a place to settle (too late, aye?)
Then it happen, there was a weird sound under or somewhere of the car.
I had a pretty bad feeling about it, i was having a flashback or what was going to happen.

Vicky decided we should stopped at the Car Repair shop. We were debating if we should wait here till 7 or come back on friday (btw it was 6pm) and so the decision was made. We will stay so we all (including the dog) got down from the car and went inside to sit while they get the car checked.
Vicky got the news from the repair man that if we wouldn't have gone there earlier something really really bad could have happen and for a moment we were in a state of shock cause thank god we made the right DECISION.


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