Monday, September 26, 2011

Second trip to Leipzig!

The Train-
"i know i ruined the picture but <3"

I have so much to blog about and i'm sorry for the delay to anyone who reads it.

We went to Leipzig again for the second time just cause.. there was a party i wanted to go called "amaya" it's an asian party. All the cool parties are at Leipzig according to > Vicky.
We took the "ICE" Train on friday, it was a really cool train it's not like the dirty ones you see in Malaysia. It's the total opposite here. The minute you enter in you feel like you're entering an airplane so it's pretty cool!

We were greeted by Charleen, hai long and martin at the main station. "hai long and martin are vietnamese" , there are a lot of vietnamese here in germany -it goes back all the way in history- .
We waited and met song, after that we headed back to charleen's to clean up and went back out. We went to club velvet and spitz somehow no one felt like partying on that day so it was a pretty bad day. Came home around 4.30am , that's day1.

here is day 2.
Fortunately, it was a better day. It was the day of AMAYA's Party. It was kind of weird to see so many asian's around, there were some "hotties" too and Lala's. It was cool- We also went to Club velvet and i had one of those small cup vodka's thingy that borys got us. It was sweet and nice! After that we went back to Amaya, and it was starting to get Hot inside. It was somebody's birthday and he had a birthday present from his friend and SURPRISE - it was a stripper who stripped completely naked and ... ? It was an interesting day-
P.s we went home at 6AM .

The Stripper and Birthday boy!

Song, Cher minn (i don't know why but i look fat) , Charleen!

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