Saturday, September 10, 2011


i know i have not blogged much about school well here's something about school.
Meine Schule heißt Phillip-Reis-Schule.
My school's name is Phillip-Reis-Schule and i am in Year 11 along with the 15-18 year olds.
Yes, there is a kid in my class. I feel old ):
I'm in class 11T3 and the subjects i take are (Look at the picture below)

and here is my Timetable ( if you don't understand please tweet me @cherminnrawks or who cares? :3 )

Yes, we have "Buku Teks Pinjaman" here too and looks they have HARD COVER books and a lot heavier except no one really bothers to bring it and at most we have like 3 subjects a day?
People here carry big bag's only in Primary school, in high school everybody just use handbags well i do :P

ARTS, my current favourite class. I didn't know i had a talent to draw =D i guess i got so bored that i had so much patience to put my bordem into drawings, does that make sense? i think it does TEEHEE!

So guess what happen? We we learning how to do shadings in our drawing and there were a few technics for example, the shading technic, the striking technic and the dot technic. We could draw anything we want or see and and my drawing with 7 others was shown as an example.
"london tipton moment - YAY ME *clasp hand* (unfortunately she's already pregnant now with that cyrus dude)

okthxbai! :*

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