Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ich kann zahlen wie viel Tage habe ich noch D':

I can't believe i have less then 2 weeks till i return home D':
I don't know what am i suppose to feel. My head is floating high above with the clouds, it's like i am dreaming right now. I can't believe it's already 1 Year, this is insane, how fast can the time fly? PLEASE STOP TICKING! I wish i can have the best of both worlds but that isn't going to happen unless i can have half of me in Germany and Half in Malaysia. Part of me is happy to be going home and part of me is sad because i don't know when i would be able to come back again (Hopefully soon and i have a reason cause i need to practice my German if not i'll definitely forget it). The good thing is some of my friends promised to visit me :-

BELLE UND KARIN , Ihr hat schon versprochen! ;-D

So this past few days i've been doing a lot of packing, i seriously have way too many stuff my luggage is already full and vicky's is half full with my stuff like 70%! Oh GOOD NEWS, vicky will be flying over to Malaysia for 3 weeks for the Summer but she will be flying 1 week after me ;-) 
Anyways i hope my luggage won't cost me problems, this is just so annoying! I wish i own my very own airplane with a pilot, hihihihi *dreaming*

so i currently have this Hat obsession , it belongs to my host mom and i borrowed it from her ;-) Adorable isn't it? ;-) 

till then, 

i have a party to plan, farewell party :( 

Aber keine Sorge , ich komm' bald wieder nach Deutschland!
ich liebe euch ;D