Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life back home

Hello People!

i know it's been a while and YES i'm back in Malaysia, it has been already 3 months and lately i've been busy with college. I must say i miss my days in Germany where i don't have anything to be stress about. In malaysia it has been really hectic and sometimes stressful, back to the fast lane! 
So whats new? lets say i've been through almost everything in this past few months back home, i think i can list 'em all. 
Things i've been experiencing:
1. Great Food!
2. Best friends
3. Friends 
4. Shopping, a lot of it till i should really stop :/
5. Family
6. Bedroom
7. Car to drive around 
8. No public transport
9. Drama
10. love
11. heart break
12. New friends
13. Studies
14. Having FUN
15. LIFE

Things i miss about Germany:
1. Host Family (college friends will probably tease me about this)
2. Public transport (they have really amazing transportation system)
3. Cold Weather
4. Sammie the dog
5. Friends (our cinema+bubble tea session)
6. Leipzig
7. Traveling around Europe
8. Taunusstrasse, Friedrichsdorf (my house)
9. My bedroom in germany
10. Hugging host mami <3 p="p">
11. doing laundry (yes i actually had fun doing that haha)
12. Using the dishwasher! 
13. Brat wurst (German hotdog)
14. Speaking in German

About college, what can i say about it? there's a lot of things i want to express but i think it's best if i don't say anything just yet. 1st semester is almost over and i'm looking forward to the holidays but first i have to face exams and un-finish assignments, can't wait to be done with it! 
Talking about assignments please take a minute and watch this video? It was edited by me and most viewers wins a prize =)