Monday, August 29, 2011


Jeden tag, wir sind zum Mädchen Flohmarkt gegangen!
(Yesterday we went to the girl´s Flohmarkt)
we didn´t stay for long though because we didn´t see anything we liked, well we didn´t really look into it much so yeah. We went to Coa to have lunch instead it´s an asian restaurant. But before that we got lost in frankfurt and belle was like "welcome to frankfurt" and we were laughing non-stop. We took a u-bahn from a place we did not know and ended up in hauptbahnhof which we were suppose to get off but we did not know, so we waiting inside the train and the train took us back to where we came from, it was so funny. Then we took another train to hauptwache, finally we knew where we were from there we went to coa and i had FRIED RICE!
the fried was surprisingly good, like malaysian good which is awesome but it's thai fried rice i think? the restaurant is pretty cool cause it goes by season, for example on this season they have korean food, then the next chinese and ect but all asian food :3
I think i spent like almost €10,00 for my drink and food, no kidding nothing is cheap here in Europe.

After lunch, we just went chilling around frankfurt cam-whoring and laughing like maniacs over nothing.

Karin and me :D

belle and me :)

Four of us together (left karin,me,steffi,belle)

kay that's all for now.

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