Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Progress :*

Good NEWS!
i think i'm making some progress in school.
Today school wasn't so bad, i did an introduction of myself in german in my Presentation class.
We wrote it in an invisible paper, posted the picture on my FB so if you're my friend you get to see it (:

Deutsch class was boring cause as usual i did not really understand but i occupied myself!
English, i had to concentrate since i can understand english :P
It's weird, we had to do a presentation about what are our points of views about 'sex'
like is it okay to have it? what are the points of view if the guy or girl does it, stuff like that.

ughh, i'm hating tomorrow's timetable, cause i have 3 class with 1 and a half hours in between break each. Last class would be at 3.15 ):
Don't like Long days!

i also need to find the post office tomorrow or maybe the day after? hmm.. teman me someone?


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