Monday, August 22, 2011

1 Monate

it's been already 1 MONTH in Germany, that means i have 11 more months to go D:
Don't want time to pass so fast.

Last friday i went to vicky's school which was AWESOME, you can totally see the different between her school and mine. Of course hers is way cooler cause you pay €200,00 a month.
It was a school festival, so that's why i got to visit her school for a day. it was fun, we ate bratwurst and made a friendship bracelet =)
Before that vicky took me shopping at H&M and i bought 5 items in total it cost me about £52,65
I got myself a new beige pants (hose) , tank top, cardigan,top and a pullover :3
Yes, im a happy girl and i know this is kinda old news but yea.

(delayed post ^^)

it's FRIDAY!

one thing that ruin my friday's are cause i would have sports and it's like at 3.25-4.45pm and i finish all my other classes at 1.15pm But today sports wasn't actually so bad. We played handball it was kinda fun (when i mean fun it means by just watching people play) i was kinda running away from the ball or avoiding it :/ i really should change and be more active, gahh i'm still kinda shy-ish? everyone doesn't really care here so i don't know why i care!
and my german isn't really improving either but vicky says i'm improving so that's good?
both of us can't imagine me speaking in fluent german actually :/
i should start using common phrases like "entschuldligung!" (excuse me) or "wie bitte" (pardon).

Viele Grüße :*

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