Friday, June 24, 2011

Package from JAPAN

I'm happy that i stood up for myself today.
My shift was suppose to start at 10am but i went earlier cause my colleague asked me if i could come at 8am instead so i said fine i will. Next day, when i went to work she came at 8am too and i was like i thought you asked me to come at 8am and then i said i already would come but yeah. So After that, customer came and i had to settle their payment, so when she was sitting like a dummy there i told her to do the cleaning, and she was like you came early so you do it and i was like Excuse me can't you see i'm busy? of course i did not say that. i just said this with a straight face "you're here doing nothing while i am handling the customers, so you CLEAN" and she was like "heyy" but i just turn back to my job and continue , OH YA! I'm no longer the person i use to be. So while she was cleaning the place up i felt like she got a wee bit mad and i was like whatever it's your job too 'in my heart la'. But i did help to sweep so yeah, i'm just too nice. She told me that she wanted to quit i mean 5 years of experience and you want to quit? and she also said not to tell anyone but i'm telling the whole world right now, but no one know's who is she anyway, no names mentioned. But i secretly, already knew before that she was going to quit because... jang jang jang jang! Her boyfriend is quitting that's why.
who the heck cares anyway im done working soon.
Forget the negative part of my day, to the more positive day of my day

Sis passed me a package today and it came all the way from JAPAN :D
I love getting mails especially packages, they are just so fun to open!
So this is from my penpal Asuka Kimura she's a really nice girl and
things inside of the package are my belated birthday present too (:
She sent me lots of Cute items..
The envelope when it arrived!

and TA-DAAA!
The items inside :'D

There was the Chopticks, facial mask, some Yen coins, necklace, lipgloss and a type of chocolate. Plus a birthday card and letter with a Horse origami, which i haven't take a picture of yet :X totally forgot about it until now , oh well maybe next time!



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