Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old news

I know i already told everyone on facebook by writing that i passed my german test on my status but i have not wrote about it on the blog yet so here it is.
(i know everyone wants a picture but .. you know :P)

My score was just AVERAGE but i suppose its good enough for a person who doesn't study and only does her homework and half listening in class.

so here it is

1 more mark and i'll get better then Average ): Oh well i guess this isn't malaysian's marking so we can't do anything about it. heh!

I did quite well in my speaking though,
Sprechen 22/25
*proud moment*

Lesen (reading) 18/25

Horen (hearing) and Schreiben (writing) pulled me down.
Can't remember the marks :/ You don't have to know anyway :P

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