Sunday, June 12, 2011

you've been in my mind.

Guess what guess what? Yesterday i went to the ULTIMATE POWER STAR by 8tv
Concert just to see U-kiss since i did not go for the one in Pavillion.
When we arrived the venue , there was a bunch of fans for that show which i do not watch at all probably cause i wouldn't understand :x i know i know i'm chinese but a banana. What can i say?
at least i can understand a little, no?
We were there like
Super early thanks to Cher
ninn. But we got this free tickets for the Musical show in sunway lagoon that's been showing everywhere :D It's TOMORROW, probably will go with mom, dad and a bunch of their friends.
MOVING ON - U-kiss did Two songs which were man man ha ni and 0330 there were FANTASTIC , i only get to see them like really small cause our sits were like quite far but what can i say it was free. No pictures again cause i was lazy :/ i really should start taking lots of pictures cause i know people prefer pictures over words!

So so so i've become a fan of Eun Jung (t'ara)
and Jang Woo's WGM series.
Jang Woo reminds me of Justin bieber at some angel :P no kidding and i just love guys that look like him and his super sweet with full of surprises.

doesn't he have a million dollar smile? *melts*
plus his so GORGEOUS.


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