Monday, June 20, 2011

hang out

I'm so tired from today but it was a whole lot of fun!
Finally Aina has her sem-break, ivan and i had the day off to have a hang out session.
All though we did not spent much, because of the lack of time we had from the stupid ass movie which i will be talking about in a while took up most of our time. We had our breakfast at LEVAIN (i think that's what it was called) it was a pretty little place that has a french style. It was a surprise ivan had for us. They had macaroons which were so PRETTY. Macaroons are actually not my favourite i just like them cause they are pretty :P We have the blueberry and chocolate one , the chocolate one was yummy! Then we had some buns and stuff.
We spent our day mostly at Pavilion which a place i hardly go to but yeah i mean i don't print notes and i don't have a job so basically im just there to window shop. Got some kiehls product that i will try it out thanks to Aina. Ivan bought a versace polo which he kinda regrets buying now but it's over so just be thankful now that you already have it, and you should sleep with it too :P We walked to Sephora which was across pavilion and it was like heaven there, i might get something the next time i go there but i'm not sure when will be the next time.
Ivan brought us to starhill just to use the toilet which was pretty cool but it was seriously really dark in there. The janitor there started talking to us so it was kinda awkward. She thought we were 20 :/ so so anyway we went to watch Ladda land at 2pm , as i told everyone i only watched 95% of the movie as most of the time i had my hands to my ears and my face , facing aina and ivan. haha but i did understand the whole study. i didn't watch the gruesome part though. Which is good ;P

i should head to bed now, nights!

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