Sunday, June 5, 2011


Gosh, it's been ages since i last post well to be exact 2 months?
the reason for me being M.I.A was cause i'm just plain lazy to blog but lately
this whole new customize blog thing has given me some 'semangat-ness' to blog again.
The last i blog was about me having german lesson well last thursday was actually
my last day of German class and yes time has really FLOWN by.
Can you believe it's already half a year? well i can't.
i felt like i have not done anything for this period of time.
Well i suppose National service took up quarter of this year already.
Here's a video link :

i made , memories from NS =)

there's a lot of have no update on like my birthday party which i will write about it soon?
i hope.

i'm suppose to be studying right now as im having my final german exams this coming tuesday D: i hope i'll do fine, it's going to be scary with the Sprechen (speaking) , Hoeren (hearing) and Schreiben (writing) . So wish me luck guys <3


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