Wednesday, June 22, 2011

conflicts or cornflakes?

teehee, hello there Readers!
So today was my first day doing the working SHIFT alone with my newbie Partner, Theva.
She's awesome and we click (: Today was quite good. We did well *bangga*
There has been some conflict lately at work, no names mention. It has nothing to do with me but you guys get it i think *hint hint*
SENIORS can be bullies, they seriously think they have the right to look down at you but let me tell you something does not mean if you work longer and have more experience , the newbies can't over power you. They could be better, much better then you especially when you bully and talk bad, you're just spoiling your name. AND for doing that, GROW UP. Stop being childish.
okay i'm done ranting about this (:
Customers should try working in CUSTOMER SERVICE, seriously, can't you stop thinking about yourself and think what's it like if it's in our shoes? Little single shit, i want to talk to your manager. WELL GUESS WHAT the manager does not have time to hear you whining about a tiny little mistake. You're not the only customer in this world ok!
So today, i've got a call. And i distinctly remember i'll call her back 'soon' cause i wasn't sure yet. Basically i should have to her as soon as possible so i admit it was kinda my fault there. But i did told her today most of the coaches had OFF DAY. My soon turn out to be few hours later. So my colleague called in for me, and she said i told her i will call her in 5 minutes, WHEN THE FUCK did i say 5 minutes? you dumbo ass hole don't make up story, i know what i said. DON'T ASSUME and change my words. So she said she wanted to speak to the manager tomorrow. well go ahead, be whiny customer that people hate this little pest. Rant all you want customers aren't always RIGHT. Gosh, you make me piss.

Tip: Customer service are always the WORST job you can get.

Talking about this makes me more pissed so i should just end it here.


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