Thursday, June 9, 2011


i know i've already made one video from iMovie but it was only pictures but
my 'Jakun' Sister went to the airport today just to get a glimpse of korean boy band U-kiss for the second time (we went to see them last year). So we finally get to experience editing videos
on iMovie, well she did most of the work and i helped out on some of the parts that she didn't so *bangga* haha. So, anyway here it is!

I had a very awesome outfit on today, but i did not take any picture ): So maybe next time!
There was a fire drill today at Sunway Pyramid while i was working. suddenly the Alarm rang but nobody was bothered. So safa went to check what happen and she said the shutters all went down and i was like seriously? then i went to see for myself, upstairs all the shutters were really closed which was awesome, darn it should have taken a picture but :/ hehee!

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