Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Woke up another person

Today was officially my last day in Goe-the institut.
it was EXAM DAY D': I had a bad case of stomachache when i arrived the place.
It is a normal thing but you know me i just love to exaggerate A LOT! =)
Aunt Alison (my classmate) picked me up earlier then usual cause we don't want to get caught in the traffic and be not punctual.
When we arrived, there were a number of new faces, we were sorta freaking out cause we thought we were going to be partnered with a different group but HALLELUJAH, it was with the same classmates. So technically it wasn't so bad.
1 Test was : Hearing (hoeren) and Reading (lesen)
das war schwerig! (it was hard)
2 test : Speaking/ Oral (Sprechen)
das war okay aber..
i did a mistake, it was die Jacke but before i could stop myself i said Die Jacke!
i think i was freaking out the most in my whole class ;x
Results will be out after 5 working days so i'll probably get it by next tuesday or wednesday.
i hope i did okay.. *cross fingers*

"i woke up today asking myself if it's worth pursue-ing you?
i think it's best if i just leave things as they are and go with the flow."

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