Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Everyday, my homework get's more and more and more, just imagine if i have not finish yesterday's homework? lucky i did. Okay maybe im exagerating i only have 3 homework today but still there's tons of writing to do. Even i bought a new pen and only half the ink is left, what a wastage. We should use computer to do out homework and just print them , save energy and okay maybe the printer ink ain't that cheap but still!
I solved most of the modern maths problems except one question which i left out because i had 'effin idea how to do and neither do my other 'friends'.
Sejarah (history) , was writing notes which i simply just copy from the text book- i need to read it and understand it but i just can't seem to find the mood. I wish i can magically zap it so it would be in english then magically zap it back. That'll be cool! but i've got to stop dreaming and face the music. The last one is Bm rumusan which i have not complete yet and will do it after blogging since i need to hand it in tomorrow, talking about that pn.thye ask me to collect everyone's book tomorrow morning and put it on her desk. Which i have no 'effin idea where but shiva offered to show me , actually i was the one who ask him.
School was not so bad today, Pn.Thye rearange our places and i like my place better then the other one but i was getting the hang of it, oh well atleast im sitting in the middle row and is sitting with a girl. Vanishri is sitting infront of me well no direct but the row infront of me. (=
Oh yeah, about the school diary, my class teacher pn.jeyanthi ask everyone to buy it and we're not allowed to use any other diary. I disagree with this. Im not going to waste rm4 for a small diary book which is so not practicle and all when i can get a leather bound diary for free! seriously. Only that i don't have the school information but i can just fotostep it and paste in it im sure i can find space to paste it in. The other thing was , about the class curtains, our curtains didn't fit so the dumb headmistress is going to make a new one for my class and C class , the bad news is we might have to pay half of it which i don't think i will because it's not exactly my problem. The principle should be the one paying for this crap of load. I don't mind studying without curtains it makes the room lest stuffier . Seriously with curtains it makes the class room even more DUSTY.
2 more days =) .
Cher Minn

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