Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year '09

So it's a new year already,wow that was fast. I can just remember it was the first day of school last year and now it's another year another first day of school.
School's starting on monday and i'm not exactly please about it, i still prefer the holidays. There's just too much 'politics' as my dad says it in school.
I got my PMR results on 30th dec '08 i'd say i didn't do really well compare to my friends who were which most of them got straight A's but im please enough to say that i have 3 A 2 B and 2C.
Atleast i had 3 A's i usualy only get one. So on monday i have to decide which class i want to be in and it's so tough. I'm thinking Accounts would be appropriate but then my dad told me to try science, should i? I still feel Accounts is the best choice, well it's up to me to decide.
I dread for monday to come..
This is my new years update, not as exciting? i know.
Hate it? peace off (=

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