Friday, November 28, 2008


The Tickets :

*WARNING : There might be spoilers of some movie so beware if you are reading it and not want me to spoil it for you :) *

OH MY EDWARD, it was just awesome, My expectations were way better but hey nothing is perfect! Atleast there is a movie :) It was pretty good, i like the way everyone reacted. When the Movie started everyone was like "SHHHHHHHH" Besides that, When the Cullens were walking into the cafeteria everyone was like "AHH OMG!" But then when EDWARD came in everyone was "OMG HIS SO HOT!!" it was awesome. A friend of mind who set bellow next to my guy friend was literally screaming! LOL. Anyways, i hate malaysia for cutting the MOST interesting and intense part of the movie which is the "kissing scene" i was like waiting for the to kiss! It was like the slowest kiss ever but they freaking cut the scene! PFFT! It was so fustrating! I want the DVD so badly. Actually i want to watch the movie again. HEHEHE.
Oh yeah, My favourite scene was the ending the kissing scene it was so romantic!
anyways i 'll just stop here on twilight becase i might spoil it for anyone whom has not watched it yet.

So anyways, SAM was bored out of his wits at the movie, he poured the whole popcorn on himself seriously something wrong with him.. even most of the guys liked the movie!

Before the movie me,my mom,my friend,my sis,grandma,grandaunt went to jusco for this jcard sale. It was so pack that i was suffocating and i got restless. Anyways, i bought myself a new jeans and a hoodie jacket :) Oh and i bought hair curlers too! hehehe.

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