Thursday, November 20, 2008


No work today. So i did not do much, really. I was just chilling in my room practically on the laptop for the whole day. I started reading twilight again for the second time and i forgot how addicting it was. Even reading it for the second time i was still eager to read it. Oh yeah i for all the words that i did not understand i took the effort to look it up on the dictionary. I did not doodle much on my black book today but i did take some pictures which i have posted above.
Twilight next thursday and i am so excited ! *drools over edward cullen* Oh yeah, my mother bought me some new clothes too nothing really to show. This Saturday i will be have skating class at 7 AM ! I know so early, pfft. That's because there's going to be a hockey game at night.
Well i have work tomorrow so if i so happen encounter anything interesting i'll write. Will keep you posted, Averriderci .

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