Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today was a terrible day well atleast in the morning.
My life is going downhill i tell you.. Sucks for me..
You know sometimes i despise my dad but sometimes i pity him alot going through this hell.
The world is actually between hell and heaven . When you are in the worse situation you are in hell and when you are in the best situation you are in heaven. This world can really surprise us humans and animal. hahaha ! I'm doing my best to help him i guess but not my very best so i need to work harder and better to get back my normal life.
I can see this holiday is going to be a boring one again. No traveling =( . Just hoping when we got enough money to get away from this troubles and explore the world.
So enough of this crap.

Christmas is coming..
My wish list will be posted soon! SO remember to get me something.. hahah
kidding.. but if you want i don't mind =P
well i better head of to bed now
i have work tomorrow *sighs* - CMxx

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