Friday, November 7, 2008

Postcard 2

This is the second postcard i received today from Japan.
The stamps were pretty i was too lazy to scan the other side of the postcard. Hehe =)

Today, school was boring as usual but time past so fast . It is the last day of school.
ML came to my house today and we baked cupcakes it was pretty good actually better then the last one i made =) . But no icing this time because we had not enough ingredients .
I also finish reading this book called "Killer Cruise" it was a romance thriller book and wow it was so exciting and scary, i've never really like this kind of books and i didn't know this was one of them. It's is about this rich girl she's not bitchy but the opposite. So she has a half sister who is actually insane but she acted to be a lovely sister but actually turn out a phsycho. She plan on how to kill her and all and the logan the guy whom fell in love with the popular girl was trap because the girl popular one thought it was him but it was a set up. So yeah.
I'm going to read another book RL borrowed me you can go visit her blog to have a look at the book, i'll post the picture after i read it. =)

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