Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today i woke up, lying on my bed hearing my sister's foot steps tapping around. I woke up approximately at 7.59 but opening my eye lids and closing it back once more till it was 8 o'clock when the alarm from my phone rang and the song 'love story by taylor swift' was played. At the very moment it wasn't my favourite song because it was hurting my ears as it rang louder and i finally turn it off and got up from bed.
This morning was the same as the last and the last and the last.. Moving on,
After having my shower i packed my bag for my skating class at 9.15. For breakfast i had pancakes it was just okay' not as nice in my opinion. I spread it with butter and honey, it actually tasted like sand? i suppose she did not cook long enough or stir enough. Anyways, we were late so we had to rush a little. The traffic was not too good but we got there in time *Phew*. When we got there sergay ( my coach) was already inside the rink waiting. So we had to hurry when we tie our shoelaces. My sister finish tying her shoes first and at the time i only finish tying up one. Class was slow today i did not have the mood , i don't know what's wrong with me, i use to love to skate but now i feel so 'lazy' . But i do not want to give it up after learning for 6 whole years. I don't want to waste my father's money his hard earn money. I still like it in some ways. Hopefully i can land my axel soon. If you don't know what's an axel it's a jump where you spin on the air and you must have 1 and a half rotation. Not very easy when i don't have the power but i got the tecnique right. *sighs* After class i stayed at my father's shop because he had an apointment today is my sister's duty to work and tomorrow is mine, very much looking forward to it . . . Not.' I suppose it keeps me occupid but im like wasting my time there, the good thing is i earn money. Need to buy all those christmas presents for my friends esspeicially for michelle but that girl just won't tell me what she wants. *pfft* When my father was done with his appointment and such we went to the computer area because i wanted to see some laptops but as usual my father ask me not to buy because in 2 years time i'm going to college and most likely i will have to get a new one . Lucky for my sister she got a new one. *sighs*. I really want one. Anyhow, my father say he will get mine repaired untill i'm in college then i will get one, hopefully it's a macbook.
Going back in time..
Last sunday, i tried the contact lense but i just couldn't put it into my eye, it's fustrating when i got in my eye kept flickering so now my hopes for getting a contact lense is gone probally next time i'll try again. That leaves with the laptop which my dad says that in 2 years time only buy a new one. So now i want an ipod. Honeslty, i have no idea what i want anymore.
I wish i get heap of storybooks this christmas.
The future now,
So after having a look at the laptops we head back , i don't know why but everytime when any of my family members talk to me i get pissed, i listen to my father talk for awhile after he was done i put on my ear plugs listening to crushcrushcrush by paramore. After that, i didn't do much i was watching some tv and then i fell asleep. I woke up for dinner and that's about it.

Cher Minn

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