Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emotional Day.

Today was a very distraught day. The burial Day for my grandfather.
Last night, i slept at 3 am, my 3 cousins were here too and so was my grandaunt's and aunty's. My 3 cousin's and i stayed up. One of my cousin's was the earliest to sleep on the couch. At about 3 am my other cousin and i fell asleep. While my cousin brother stay up untill 6am to take care of the coffin'. My 2 cousin's left at 6 something in the morning while me and my other cousin slept through untill 6 something i woke up untill 7 we both when upstairs to sleep on our cosy bed. At about 8 something we were awaken by my grandaunt as we need to get ready for the burial day. We had to wear black, as this is my first christian funeral, im actually a budhist but my grandfather is a christian so yeah. We had to wear black. I think about 10 something everyone started to arrive and the memorial service started . It was conducted by my uncle who is a pastor. I didn't join them ,i was sitting with my cousin on the other end. Then it was the last time to pay our final FINAL respects . Everyone lineup and await for their turn. My family was the last because my father said so. It was very emotinal. When we bow 3 times together and went to look at him for the last time. All of us cried it was so sad. I took my final look and walk away. My maid too cried hard. *sighs* They carried the coffin into the van and we wait turning our back towards it as it is known as bad luck to look at it. When all was settle we got into the car well me and my cousin's. The other relatives walked behind the van for a short distance before turning back to their car to follow the van out to the cemetry. I watch my grandmother in tears and it was sad looking at her like this it made me want to cry. So after everyone went back to the car my uncle the first son drive behind the van followed by my dad's car and so on. It was i think about 1 hour drive to the place as it was in nilai. The place looked very peaceful and very clean. Looks like a hotel for the dead. *gulp* . We had a short singing ceremony and speech then it was time to put the coffin down. We turn our backs once again untill it was down. We each received a flower to throw it in to the grave. Once again, my family was one of the last to throw it in. All in all it was quite an experience. Finally everything was done and we went for Lunch at one of the restaurants, the food was luscious. We went home after washing ourselves with the water with flower inside ( don't know what to call it) . That's about it .

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