Sunday, November 16, 2008

fucked up.

I hope you read this.
Today, you asked me to work i work.
Now you freaking want to go and buy cupcakes incredients which is EGGS
You want me to go just to BUY A FREAKING EGG!
I work today and im tired. everything i do is not enough?
everytime SHE get's praise and i get the garbage.
yeah i know she's smarter and whatever shit you think she is way better then i am.
it really hurts me . you have no idea what im going through.
you think i don't think of the family.. the truth is i do..
everytime when you all say im no good and this and that, i forgive you.. eventually
in the end i just let it go.. everytime when you criticize me , it hurts and i just blink my tears away. i don't know what the hell you want for me. SHE always get the easy way out and i get the
hard way.. IF YOU DON"T BELIEVE ME , ask my friends they even notice that you YOU!
spoil that freaking girl.. (not exactly u , u know who). or i can give you some of the example .
everytime when i ask for something she Fckingly complains and complains and complains.
Can't she just shut her stupid mouth and let me LIVE in PEACE! Everytime she ask for something i hardly complain.
i don't feel happy living in this house or even being with you guys.. because everytime i'm the one who get's yelled at. IM FED UP!
probally im just happy being with my friends. i don't know.. i don't know anymore..
every i go it's so depressing..
all i know is reading helps me to calm and takes my mind off things..
it takes me away from this world and to my own fantasy land.

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