Wednesday, November 5, 2008


On this very day, i went to pyramid to work at my dad's shop and it was boring as usual. H was there the worker , she's nice ,smart and sweet and a good friend she has become to me. =) there's this other girl too (no idea what's her name) she's the same age as me but she says she wants to quit school so i decided to just ignore her , She's creepy in my opinion eventhough she doesn't look like one. She's also been clubbing (that's what H told me) H also say she's weird which is the FACT. Half of the time she goes to the toilet ,talks to her friends who are off her age like in their 20's or 30's? i have no idea who knows people like her should not EXPERIENCE this yet. So people please do not follow her act it's B.A.D . Get it? Got it? Good. Hahaha.
So, continue.. yada..yada.. oh yeah i forgot to mention that before we went to the pro shop me and my dad went to KL to solve some things like we went to the Korea embassy the place was beautiful then we went to pekkeso? and then MATRADE and the lift was just AWESOME. hahahah! At 6 something we left the proshop and then headed home. Now i'm at home :)
hahahha well DUH. =PP
So twilight is coming soon! woopeee*

will blog more later, CIAO-

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