Sunday, November 23, 2008

r.i.p grandfather (kong kong)

My friend and Me
The Thing that i made for my grandad's display thingy.
i'll try get pictures so you can see what the funeral did look like.

What a day. Yesterday, i went to one of my skating friend's house for a sleepover it was overall not so bad. After christmas practice which was a mess i followed her home to leave our stuff there. At about 10 am we left for mines wonderland to attend a 'chinese book fair' which was very boring since i have no idea how to read. We went there is also because her little sister went for this computer competition. I end up going back with nothing but my sister and my friend bought a few books. (that reminds me my sister owe's me RM 5 ) . We went home about 3pm and refresh ourselves with a nice shower. At night, we watched tv in her little cinema room which was awesome, it really looked like a cinema with the projector and curtains. We watched about 4 movie's. My sister eventually slept at 12 am, while me and my friend were watching movie - come to think about it i was on my lappy =) . At about 12 something i received news from my dad that my grandfather had passed away and i didn't know what to feel eventhough he live's in my house but i was never really close to him so yeah but i think it was best for him after suffering for a long life. 'So, god bless him and may he rest in peace.'

So i slept at about 2 am? and soon later my friend too fell asleep. I woke up at the sound of the tv blaring so i hit the button play so it wouldn't repeat the whole same thing again and went back to sleep. At 8 am i was awaken by my phone alarm and i didn't went back to sleep. We eventually left at 12 pm to pyramid to visit my dad's shop for a moment, there NH teached me how to use photoshop, finally i understand how to use it but im still on the blur side.. So anyway when i went home i saw the coffin and i freaked out so i went to change and went to see, i did overcome the fear and it wasn't that bad anymore. At about 8pm people started to arrive to show wish their deepest condolences. It's kind of like a party too and a funeral. People liked my cucpakes that i just made and im happy to hear that!


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