Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Edited Picture !
We had diciplinary check for girls too, lucky my hair was all pined up as usual.
well let's say 70% of the girls had their hair styled up or even more.
We can't have sideways fringe =( and we have to wear socks above our ankle.
Uniform must be not so tight. Logic rulse but i don't like the hair part.
i feel lazy to write.
I just write everything in short.
Physics was hard ,confusing, actually if we had a better teacher i would probably have understand it. The teacher we had as an atrocious command in english and bm language.
Yesterday i forgot to mention that pn thye ask me to carry all the books to her table well outside since her table is in the "bilik peperiksaan".
Moral was horrible, the teacher sucks like hell she's worst then abitch and even looks like one.
She seem to be always praising her old school and complaining about our school why don't she just go back to her old school. *gosh*
well im so excited for tomorrow, woopee!
Will miss you guys at school though!!

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