Friday, January 9, 2009


My right eye hurts now from rubbing it this morning while i was half asleep.
I must cut my nails again before i get more scars and become more u-glay!
Yesterday was my dad's last night in the Hospital -home sweet home- Dad says when he came back.
Below here are the pictures of his 'sleeping test' - they need to check his respiration system while his sleeping because he has breathing problems . This disease is actually called "Apnea Sleep" you can do a reasearch on it to get to know what it is really because i don't really know how to explain.

I'm so exhausted today from school and everything. I didn't came home untill about 12am.
This few days my transport seems to come like 6.50am and when we reach to school it's like super early usually the transport comes at 7.
We had Sport teams meeting. We have 4 teams named 'red,blue,green, andyellow'. I am in red team the meeting was fun and boring fun when we were fighting with blue team. Like "blue team lose!" in malay. Last year blue won and i think red got second? if im not mistaken. Sports practice starts next week and im so lazy to attend this activity it's actually wasting my time.
Well i have to go get ready for tuition.

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