Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Second Day of School.

My Eye, it still hurts. I think it's all swollen and i'm suffering from it. Each time i blink it stinks.
About school, Today i wasn't as excited as the day before to wake up early. The minut the alarm rang i hold the bell i went back to sleep untill at 6.15 i heard my maid called me so i had to get up. We had Assembly, as it is the first week we're probably going to have alot of assembly's because there's like so many things to settle. Today it wasn't the Headmistress who was yapping away instead it was the head dicpline teacher. They keep talking about the same thing over and over and over again - My leg was hurt-ing like cra-pp again untill i just couldn't stand it but to change it's position. I think there was no blood circulation for not moving my legs for so long.
After the boring speeches, Pn.saras announce who was the head prefect which was my friend's brother Mikail he did a speech which was like -woah- and then he introduce all the other AJK's. Suddenly his face was like all serious and no play since he was the head prefect now.
I had my first modern maths class today, i learned about the 'significant figures' like regina said it was easy but challenging. I didn't really understand the decimal one though. We didn't study much mostly we just did some introductions on what we were going to learn.
I had my first Chemistry lesson too and i must say it was 'confusing' but the introduction was quite easy come to think of it. Our teacher gave us homework to do for chemistry which i would to proudly say i have completed (=
This was what i did that i found interesting, hopefully tomorrow i will have a more interesting story to tell.
Cher Minn .T

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