Thursday, January 8, 2009


So i have something interesting to tell, well it's not good but interesting.
This are the picture's that are taken in the hospital.

So the story goes, on the 7th jan which was yesterday my dad got admited to the hospital because of gastric - nothing serious it was that his stomach hurt like hell.
At 1am my mother took him to the clinic but the medication didn't help him.
So my mom and dad practically didn't sleep the whole night. At, 4am my dad was still suffering from the gastric so my mom asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital then he said "no" .
My mother was like what if you faint or 'knock off' - my dad quickly wake up and got dress then he said 'i want to see my grandchildren' . - that was hilarious i laughed when my mother told me that. So he only got admitted to the hospital at 5am and by time my mom came back it was already 6 am. I was already awake. That day, i also had trouble sleeping i kept waking up every hour checking the time. It was so anoying! Then it was about 5.55am my maid called me up it was like freaking early i usually wake up like 6.10 , you see.
I couldn't remember what i did in school so im just going to skip untill after school.
When i got home my mom asked me to clean up and i was going to spend the day at the hospital with my dad. So i had my lunch and packed my homework and ofcourse my laptop to entertain meself! I help my dad with what it needs, btw- the AC in the hospital is like freaking cold!
I only went home at about 10 something before that we drop by to giant and was suppose to get my sister 'mahjong paper' for some projects of hers but in the end they were already close so instead my mom got us pizza. *yum yum*

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