Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last Holiday )=

So tomorrow's the big day and im very nervous because im going to be in form 4. Time past so darn fast. I cleared up my stuff and everything but my bookshelf is still messy and i'm not please with it yet.
Me,my mom and and grandma went to my mom's clients house to settle some insurance stuff, i use to be friends with their kids but now were all grown up so kinda shy shy ~ Anyway after that we went to IKEA, i bought this old fashion clock, it's awesome i find it cool (= weird? i know.
i also bought a new rack for my form 4 books and change my study table ect.
Will try to take picture but school's starting and all i have no time.
It's weird, me and my family have this tradition of rearagging my room at the last resort! Even last year we did it. So my bags are all pack and my uniform is all set. Well i guess i have to go 'sleep early' - yuck! I'm going to miss the late night sleeps. Back to study now.. Wish me good luck ya'll !

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