Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Of School.

The first word that came out of my mouth. School was utterly and completely boring but i will just tell you readers how was it. So i woke up at this anoyying alarm clock sound, the minute it rang i touch the bell so it would stop making noises that can make you go deaf or wake the whole neighbourhood up. The minute i woke up i was like "school" - crapp;
So when i was ready for school i look at myself in the mirror and i looked so neardy! Well according to my friends i don't but oh well, i took some pictures but im just too lazy to plug in the usb plug and besides the pictures were ugl-ay.
When i got of the car yvonne and michelle was already at the main hall so i hang out with them for abit. After that, we had to go line up in our old classes from last year for assembly.
The assembly was so boring and my legg hurt like cra-p. Our headmistress was like yapping and yapping that i just wanted to shut her up. When finally she finish her boring-ess ever speech puan saras talked for a moment but everyone didn't mind because she's rocks the schoool! *wooot* Anyways, all the form 3's and form 5's were asked to return the their respective classes while we the Form 4's waited to be stream. Most of my friends were in pure science 4 C, im going to miss them, i thought i was not going to be called because almost everyone i knew was like in pure. Even stefan, i know! -shocked- i felt left out again - so finally my name was called and im in 4 E , sub science class. I am in the same class as Sarah -wopee- i guess. Over the holidays i got closer to yvonne and them but i guess they probably won't care anyway, school sucks. Our class was in block C? it's on the lowest level so we don't have to climb on stairs which is a score! My class teacher is Pn.jeyanthi she's really nice and she's our english teacher. Me love english. We didn't do much for the rest of the day because all the teacher's were very busy. Mom took me home, we had lunch out.
"This layout was help put up by megan hoo"
-hugs megan and thanks-

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