Monday, January 12, 2009


I officially hate my class even more.
First, Sarah transfered to C -yay for her- now im all alone.
Pn jeyanthi my class teacher even made the day worst for me by changing my sit and now im sitting with some nerdy looking guy, but shiva sits infront so i guess i don't mind but i still prefer my old sit because it's right infront of the white board and nearer to the fan.
I wanted to sit with Vanishri but teacher made them sit behind and i didn't want to sit behind because i have trouble seeing the board. I was sad that sarah had changed class because then i'll be left all alone again like last year. No one to talk too.
For almost the whole day at school i didn't really have mood to study my mind keep wondering off topic. I guess what's change is change and it's not up to me to make Sarah be in E class because it's her own will. Anyway, she'll probably enjoying everyone's company there.
Leaving me a Loner.
I need to leave this country .Pronto.
I feel like im living in misery and wish i wasn't.
I guess im back to reading to keep me accompined.
Cher Minn.

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