Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paradise for food.

so let's see i did not update yesterday because i was l-a-z-y. That word can kill ya; .
So yesterday i went to Pyramid again because my dad had to do some work in the proshop.
While he was doing his work me,my mom and my sis went shopping for a gift .
At noon about 2pm we went to uncle raju's house for deepvali and the food was delicious especially the mutton , ah talking about it makes my stomach grumble. Moving on, after that we went home to rest . I took a short nap as i was very tired but when i woke up i felt sick actually i still feel sick not .. 'must be the hot weather' . At night, our neighbour has a deepavali open house and so we went there to eat the food was alright but not as good as uncle raju's. :) i'm craving for it now!! -i'm hungry-

In the morning, i had skating lessons and it was tiring since i haven't been practicing for quite some time now and i should probally start to exercise in the morning more often to gain stamina as i'm lack of it. Then, i followed my dad to the bank as he had to settle some stuff. Oh, we had lunch at an indian store.
I had roti canai. So now i'm just chilling and chatting nothing much going on.
by the way my first postcard arrived to germany! woohoo! i'm so excited to get one back :)
I'm writing to another one now this one is from Hong Kong.
will write more soon!

Cher Minn<3

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