Saturday, October 25, 2008

time moves when you are dreaming

I didn't do much today so there's not much to tell.
I woke up at about 5 am and realise i slept without turning the laptop off so i woke up and played a little then went back to sleep again.. yada..yada...yada..
Woke up about 10 because my sister woke up so i didn't want to be the last one. =P . I basically hanged out in my room on the computer and being bored..
My parents are coming home tonight! woohoo! I feel like a prisoner at home.
Finally i can go out soon, again and have a life. So tomorrow my dad says we can go watch HSM 3 can't wait i heard it was awesome well that's what my cousin says. Hopefully it is :-) . The whole day well half the day i was watching one tree hill season 1 i just finished 1 whole season finally! 1 down i think 5 to go? I prefer gossip girl though much more happening and more hot guys ^^. So now i'm sitting here writing all this down and being bored! Deepavali is coming so i wish to all my indian friends and not my friends 'Happy Deepavali'.

CherMinn.T <3

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