Friday, October 24, 2008


I know it's been a day since i got back from Genting but i was lazy to write all about it since there's nothing much to say either.. It was actually Raining on that day so we didn't get to play much at the themepark which was quite a disspointment after i paid RM100 for the trip.
Lucky for the Second trip it wasn't as rainy on that day. So let's see what did i do..
We stayed at the first world hotel the place was okay i guess but the food was atrocious .
Oh well can't help it as we only paid 100 bucks for the trip. =) My roomate was YK and the room number is 2820. In my opinion the best thing about the trip was at snow world i was soaking wet because all of my friends keep throwing snow at each other . I even got to throw at him. =)
I finally face my fear by riding cockscrew the rollercoaster and it was a blast eventhough i close my eyes for the whole time but now that i know that it's not as scary i might try it again the next time i go to genting. I didn't dare ride spaceshot again it's just too crazy. On the day i got back i felt a little sick my head was spinning and i was missing everyone like crazy but i recovered a tiny wee bit the next day. My mom and dad went to thailand yesterday, wished i could have gone with them. They are coming back this saturday and then Sunday we can go watch High school musical 3 on sunday ! Woohoo.
Today , School was absolutely boring i didn't do much just played games and hang out with my friends. Will write more when i feel like it , toodles!

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