Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Back In Town .

Greetings ,
Finally, PMR is over now is just the results which i so
do not want to think about right this moment.
After PMR was over which is now i feel so bored.
I'm still not use to not study and all after for the past few months
i have been studying and busy with this and that but now i have nothing
to do .
I can't wait for my genting trip which is next tuesday!
Me and my friend are gonna have a fabulous time =)
Oh yeah, btw i just had my hair done im going to post
a picture of me on my next Post.
I'm by far sastified with it.
so, now at 12.12pm i'm in pyramid working and it's
like super boring. So i thought i should blog.
So let me see what i did this morning..
I woke up at 7am because i was sneezing like crazy and i couldnt
take it so i woke up and played with the computer and than i posted my
postcard and can't wait to get some back =)
well that's about it i'll add more up later.

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