Friday, July 18, 2008



How ya'll doing? I'm doing fine here , i guess.
well life is getting stressfull now because of PMR drawing nearer
2 more months to go. *screams of terror* .
Anyways, getting on to my other problems.

Do you believe if there is any such things as 'true friends' when
you start going to high school ? In my point of view, i think not.
I know , it's really a sad case .
I feel like im always the one who get's ditch and it hurts alot but you don't
show it.

Here's something about me (well how 'k' describes me):
She says : I look dull and boring but actually im crazy,hyper and funny person.
well i think that's how she describe me.
You don't expect me to remember she said that about 2 days ago.
i have stmp (shot term memory problem).

Here's a recent picture of "Me" :

Well that's all about my boring life.
Cher Minn.T
P.s Name's of my friends are confidential , don't think it's youu it might be someone
else. x]

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