Saturday, December 12, 2009

UPDATE for regina :)

The Moment you have been waiting for.

So as most of you know my aunt and her family from New Zealand has come down last
tuesday and we have been shopping for the past 3 days!
It's really exhausting esspecially you see this girl on the picture is a hands full!
Very exhausting having a toddler around when we are shopping.
This is miley my 1 year old cousin (: She's really adorable at times
but can be very very very exhausting to care for.

Miley showing her PEACE sign :)

Yes this is my infected toe all bandage up so you can't see how ugly it has become!
I had it for like a month or maybe more? My toes keeps Bleeding and the na-na also
come out (sorry i know it's discusting) Today finally when it was hurting me more like
i felt something poking in my toe i couldn't stand it , my cousin asked me to go see a
doctor and when my dad found out he took me to the doctor.
Megan tagged along well i kind of drag her along :) so yeah.. During the journey
to the doctor i wasn't feeling really nervous untill i reached there and i registered myself
it was nerve wrecking! Moments later the nurse called my name and then
we checked with the doctor and it was a toe infection i had to cut the nail out
(i forgot what the doctor called it) She said the injection might hurt and i was like
"does it hurt more then my toe does now?" she said "maybe" i was like SHIT!
so i had to lie down well i was smart enough to put my iPod on . I kept saying
OMG im going to die.. LOL! anyways i could feel the needle poking into my skin
and i was screaming OWWWW , i turn my iPod on louder so i would feel less pain.
I helped actually.. the doctor said "you can't stand this when you get pregnant how?"
haha kind of true.. haha :P must think twice before getting pregnant when im married
ofcourse.. LOL! Later on i found out i had 3 SHOTs yes THREE! insane.. after that
i felt numbness and i couldn't feel anything when she cut the nail.. so yeah that's about it.
Sorry if it's boring :)

As i mention earlier i went shopping this is my dinner dress well half of it.
The other half i'll show it when i take pictures during the dinner party (:
So this is just the preview of it. I love it so much!
I bought it from a boutique called Rest & Relax it cost Rm139.00
I paid Rm50 and my mom paid the rest :P
Thank you mommy, i love you !

This are my DREAM HEELS , i love them so much!
I've been wanting it since forever and it totally matches my Dress (:
It's Rm89.00 i know it's expensive but i LOVE it ♥
Anyways, that's about it will update more later if i feel like it (:

with love,
♥Cher Minn

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