Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday GRANDMA!

i've been trying to blog the other day but the pictures i wanted to post
did not seem to load so i was like whatever..
it loads now :P Anyway i'll only post this pictures :P the others are on Facebook.
Me and Megan ♥

So today is my grandma's Grand birthday dinner :)


i have been staying at my hometown which is in perak, sitiawan since last wednesday!
i also found out that MARILYN's hometown is also same like mine!
what aye coincidence. So maybe next chinese new year we can meet up together ;D
Will be going back tomorrow i think ): so sad im going to miss my cousins.
Add maths tuition again BLUEK! talking about that i haven't even touch the homework
he gave. will post pictures of us later i think when we are all dressed up!
Yesterday i already did my face mask and my nails :) it's black and it has deco's on it.

oh yeah, i finally finish watching WINTER SONATA .
Honestly, i didn't really like it because it's so freakishly sad and depressing.
i was so eager to find the ending.. i've been asking like everyone but apparently
everyone couldn't remember so i had to watch it myself.. i skipped alot just to get
to the ending and finally it was a happy ending i thought it was a bad ending but
it wasn't [spoiler] :P Well anyone else has any other drama suggestion?
i prefer romance and comedy :P oh yeah Hana Kimi was awesome but the ending sucked.
Eventhough it was happy but it wasn't what i expected.

i love my BOAT
it's not a real boat , there's a meaning in it :P
my cousin knows it :)

peace out.

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