Thursday, April 30, 2009

YE Work Shop

This is one of the picture that was taken in the YE workshop with Kaveena.
I look 'ugly' but there aren't many pictures taken .
So i will have to settle with this.
The YE work shop was interesting but the longer it go to more boring it became.
So i left early with stefan,kaveena and her friend, vinosheena kav's sister took us back.
Anyway, it was great fun at the beginning. If you want to see the other pictures you can see them in my facebook and i posted it there.

Oh yeah, i saw Demi there too! but i didn't get to take picture's with her because of Edwin'
he go picture's with her though, hahaha.
There weren't many good looking guys though, what a waste. hahaha!
The food certainly was not satisfying, what do you aspect it's free. haha oh well

Cher Minn.T

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