Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I still have a Flu and Cough , Don't worry it most definitely not a 'Swine Flu'.
Sorry for not updating much, been very lazy to write about my day.
It's not like it's intriguing anyway.
Nonetheless, I am very tired today from helping out the Ye sale stuff.
Today was 'Career Day', i did browse around some colleges but non caught my eye'.
Well duh, i want to so go overseas but anyway i took some pamphlets.
Metroplitan college looks interesting for business. That's about it.
Anyway if i study here, i would want to go to Monash university :P The campus looks really awesome.
So our business was excellent, cupcakes sold out *two thumps up to that.
Except the key chains and stickers were not really that good.
This thursday we got the permission to go out of school for this workshop thing for YE.
So means we get to skip school .
Midterms are just around the corner and still haven't start.
can't seem to find the mood.
Tomorrow have Chemistry test for tuition *crap haven't start anything and i so MUST start studying. *yikes !
signing off-

Cher Minn.T

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